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GPCA is pleased to present a special series dedicated to value navigation in line with its mission to deliver the very latest trends and topics to its members and wider network partners.

The series will attempt to deliver valuable perspectives and understandings that come from application, and execution. It will also look to provide insights, with concise and compelling findings that allow thought leadership, networking and advocacy to:

  • Provide a high-resolution lens in consideration of contemporary issues
  • Implications on current and future business models
  • What actions, trade offs, and risks can be considered
  • Meaningful, information and intelligence exchange
  • Exciting, motivating and thought-provoking journeys in value navigation

Episode 1: Sustainability and Carbon Mitigation

The first episode focuses on petrochemical players and what are the unique strengths, challenges, threats, and opportunities related to sustainability and carbon mitigation in the short and long term. The podcast explores perspectives such as:

  • What are critical path actions which need focus for strategy development and execution in carbon mitigation
  • Investment perspective: The role of carbon as an asset in the petrochemical sector
  • Insight into other sectors and activities