The Q3 edition of GPCA’s Insight publication offers the latest news and views from the regional chemical and petrochemical industry, from GPCA members and our valued partners. In this issue, we focus on the theme of Food Security and Innovation and explain why these important issues are at a turning point today. The release of Insight’s September edition coincides with two of GPCA’s leading annual events – the 12th GPCA Agri-Nutrients Conference and the 7th GPCA Research and Innovation Conference. The agri-nutrient industry is an integral solution provider to our battle with food insecurity and this year’s conference sought to address how the industry can better support this important objective, while at the same time address more effectively and long term the impact of its environmental footprint. The topic of innovation too made a strong return this year with a number of GCC governments announcing a renewed focus on super charging their innovation strategies. The Insight magazine explores these themes among many others, including food security, geo-politics and climate change, meeting the fertilizer industry’s sustainability challenges, and skills for the future, and many more. It also provides a preview of the 16th Annual GPCA Forum, the inaugural GPCA Youth Forum, and the 4th edition of the Legacy Award “Al Rowad”. Download your copy today to learn more.

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