Press releases

Management of contractor Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHS&S) performance is an ongoing concern among organizations of all industries, including GPCA members.

“Recently, the GPCA Responsible Care Committee formed a task force comprised of EHS&S experts, representing all GCC states, to evaluate the current state of contractor’s safety and develop a roadmap to enhance its management and bring it on par with the industry’s own safety standards,” explained Salamah Al Dahfiri, Chairman of the Contractors Safety Taskforce (CSTF) and EHS Corporate Director, SADARA.

In the last three months, since its formation, the CSTF has been working diligently to identify a list of recommendations for producing companies to enhance the management of contractor’s safety.

The CSTF aims to standardize contractor EHS&S management for GPCA member companies, while also maintaining the highest EHS&S standards.

This set of Contactor Safety Guidelines will help to ensure that effective systems are in place to select, monitor and manage contractors to support them in performing various construction, operational and maintenance tasks in a responsible manner.