Most of the global reductions in CO2 emissions through 2030 in our pathway come from technologies readily available today. But in 2050, almost half the reductions come from technologies that are currently at the demonstration or prototype phase. In its recent analysis McKinsey suggests that under the NGFS Net Zero 2050 scenario, changes in policies, technologies, and consumer and investor preferences would lead to considerable shifts in demand for various goods and services. By 2050, oil and gas production volumes would be 55% and 70% lower, respectively, than they are today. Coal production for energy use would nearly end by 2050. So, what does this mean for the regional industry, and what is the chemical industry’s share of GHG emissions? The GPCA Youth Council is delighted to present another episode of the GPCA Podcast which will focus on the Net Zero Carbon Economy. The podcast facilitates an insightful discussion with senior industry experts on how to achieve a net zero carbon economy; are the 2050 and 2060 regional targets achievable; and what role does the industry play in the journey to net zero?