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Earlier this year, Almajdouie Logistics became the first company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain a license to operate hydrogen trucks

In January this year, one of GPCA’s members, Almajdouie Logistics, a leading integrated supply chain provider in the Middle East, became the first logistics company in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to obtain an operational license for hydrogen trucks from the Saudi Transport General Authority (TGA), reports Air Cargo Update.

The company, which has been operating for over 50 years, recently welcomed its first hydrogen truck which it says speaks about its commitment to environmental sustainability, according to the online industry news site.

Its newly acquired hydrogen-powered truck boasts zero carbon emissions and a safety-focused design and it can cover long distances exceeding 400 km, the report continues.

“As part of our vision for a sustainable future, we are collaborating with Air Products Qudra Company to enhance the hydrogen transportation sector. Our focus includes infrastructure development and the establishment of refueling stations across the Kingdom,” Almajdouie Logistics said.

GPCA welcomes the milestone as a great step towards advancing the industry’s goal towards net-zero. It is a step in the right direction to enable a cleaner, more sustainable future through continued investment, innovation and collaboration towards adopting and developing green technologies in the logistics sector and beyond.

The logistics industry is a key participant in the chemical and petrochemical value chain and its efforts towards advancing sustainability are integral to making our 2050 goals a reality.