The Committee shall support the GPCA Board of Directors by discussing, analyzing, seeking alignment on and recommending solutions to all international trade issues that come before the GPCA, and act as the voice of GPCA members within regional and international entities:

  1. Fostering dialogue with GCC regulators to encourage the adoption of common positions and strategies toward fair international trade regulations, practices, and procedures and to promote the formation of alliances that safeguard regional industry interests.
  2. Identifying and evaluating international trade barriers that affect GCC petrochemical and chemical exports and developing strategies and priorities for their elimination.
  3. Undertaking studies and developing position papers on issues of common interest in the area of international trade so as to promote the growth of the GCC petrochemical and chemical industries and to assist GCC regulators to better utilize and expand unilateral, bilateral and multilateral trade agreements.
  4. Providing an early warning system which informs GPCA member companies of any trade measure initiations filed or to be filed against member companies and GCC countries.
  5. Producing an effective mitigation plan and advocating general strategy on the appropriate preventive and pre-emptive actions the committee and/ or member companies should take once a trade issue is identified or warning of trade measures is received.
  6. Collecting data, analyzing and publishing reports and news concerning international trade affecting petrochemicals and chemicals while focusing on emerging trends, business practices, commodity problems, industrial economic development and other relevant matters that may be referred to the committee by member companies.
  7. Increasing the level of awareness, among related industries, organizations, and other governmental bodies in the GCC through conducting roundtables, workshops and seminars covering international trade regulation, practices and procedures including trade measures

Committee members

Ahmad Al Saleh

Global Business Director, Ethylene Glycol 



Fahad K. Al-Subaie

GM, Commercial

Advanced Petrochemical Company

Esam Kamal

Manager Commercial Sales & Trading

BAPCO Refining

Burcu Olcay Üstüner


Bayegan DMCC

Lisa Schroeter

Senior Government Affairs Director


Gina Fyffe



Abdulrahman Al Tamtami

Vice President Global Marketing


Salah Ahmad AlMutairi

Team Leader of Polymers Sales I


 Amal Al-Shammari

Strategic Planning Manager


Jaber Yacub Al-Tamimi

Head, Chemicals Marketing


Talal Al-Otaibi

Leader, Compliance & Ethics Prog. & Investigations


Abdulaziz Al-Zahrani

General Manager, Sipchem Marketing Company


Ahmad Alghamdi

Sr. Manager, Trade Compliance & Customer Service


Abdulmuhsin Al-Muhideb

General Manager, Chemical Business Unit