The Committee shall support the GPCA Board of Directors by discussing, analyzing, seeking alignment on and recommending solutions to all issues of common interest and undertake activities and programs relevant to the promotion of R&I, based on the three strategic pillars of effective networking, thought leadership and advocacy:

  1. Inculcating a strong understanding of the R&I discipline and its critical role for strategic development within GPCA member companies and other associated stakeholders.
  2. Emphasizing the importance of establishing links between R&I and business activities within member organizations.
  3. Sharing and advocating best practices in the management of R&I amongst GPCA members.
  4. Identifying research areas of common interest, such as projects associated with environmental protection, safety, analytical methodologies or any other topic of mutual interest leading to joint research programs beneficial to member companies on the condition that no antitrust issues are created.
  5. Enhancing links and cooperation between the GPCA member companies and regional and international universities and National Research Centers (and other similar research institutions).
  6. Promoting a culture of innovation among GPCA member companies and regional and international universities and National Research Centers (and other similar research institutions).
  7. Aligning, articulating, and advising on general chemical and petrochemical R&I strategy in view of global and regional challenges and trends.

Committee members

Dr. Bob Maughon

Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer



Dr. Farhan Al-Shahrani

Head of Strategic Innovation Partnership



Dr. Moayyed Al-Qurtas



Abdulhadi Al Ajmi

Research & Development Director

EQUATE Petrochemical Company

Adnan Al Mahmood

IT & Knowledge Manager


Ahmed Rahimi

Chief Technical Officer


Amjad Ashri 1

Amjad H. Ashri

Manager, Strategic Innovation Partnerships


Dr. Ammar

Dr. Ammar AL Ojaili

Team Lead



Arthur Foutsitzis

Regional R&D Director

ME, Honeywell UOP

Dr. Asma Tahlawi

Division Head for Chemicals Technology

Saudi Aramco

Dr. Hatim Aldekhiel

General Manager, Chemicals Technology


Jakub Michna

Senior IP Counsel


Dr. Mabrouk Ouederni

Product Development & Innovation


Mohammed  Al-Qahtani

Senior Product Compliance & Regulatory


Oliver Gawad

Senior Director, Head of Economic Development Strategy and Head of Chemicals Strategy


Dr. Salman AlAjmi

Manager of Mega Projects


Samir Al-Jishi

General Manager, Strategy & Business Development


Dr. Sulaiman S Al-Khattaf

Dr. Sulaiman S Al Khattaf

Vice President, Technology & Innovation


Zayd Alathari

Partner, Head of Intellectual Property

Norton Rose Fulbright