Making sense of the change that is upon us

Chemical companies are changing rapidly in response to powerful external forces, market and business shifts that were under way prior to the coronavirus pandemic and were accelerated even further as a result. Chemical businesses are working differently – not just by embracing remote work, but also by utilizing the capabilities that big data, on the one hand, and digital, on the other, are offering. Now more than ever before the abundant availability of data presents an opportunity for industry players to make better decisions and navigate the uncertainty ahead.

One of the many consequences of digital is that chemical companies can create strategy more easily, more often and with more precision. Above all of this, it is not just companies that are changing. So too are the societies in which they operate. As this occurs, demand for chemicals increases in some places and decreases in others, changing the entire chemical landscape.

‘Making sense of the change that is upon us’ is a new series organized in partnership with management consultancy, McKinsey & Company, as part of GPCA’s Leaders Dialogue, an initiative dedicated to members only. Organized in an intimate setting for c-suite executives at GPCA member firms, the series will address the changes impacting chemical companies today and in the future in the course of four key sessions:

  • 13 July – New ways of working – what has actually changed?
  • 8 September – A different approach to strategy – where next?
  • 6 October – Digital in petrochemicals – where to start?
  • 3 November – The prospects for chemicals – supply, demand and the stockmarket

Attendance at each session is by invitation only aimed at facilitating a structured conversation in which everyone participates. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting new series.

For more information, contact Diala Al Sharief, Membership Specialist at GPCA: [email protected]

Session 1: New ways of working

13 July 2021 | 12:00 – 13:00 PM UAE time

Sometimes change comes slowly. Sometimes it comes very fast. The coronavirus pandemic and the obligation of social distancing have virtually transformed our work practices in less than a year. They have also changed the way we think about the many facets of the operating model: governance, processes and the lines and boxes of organization design. In this session McKinsey & Company will consider ‘New ways of working’ and the implications for chemical businesses, drawing from examples both inside and outside of the petrochemical industry. This session is part of GPCA’s Leaders Dialogue “Making sense of the change that is upon us” and is dedicated to members-only.