About Operation Clean Sweep

As GPCA continues to promote best environmental practices, safe working conditions and enhance sustainability within the GCC polymer supply chains, we’re proud to steward Operation Clean Sweep. First introduced by ACC’s PD and PLASTICS in the US, it has now grown into a global initiative to reduce plastic pellet, flake and powder loss to the environment. It is practiced in 60+ countries and thousands of manufacturing and transportation facilities around the world.

The initiative’s goal is to support each link in the plastics manufacturing value chain to implement good pellet, flake and powder handling practices and maintenance of industrial sites. By committing to OCS, GPCA members make a commitment to adhere to best practices and implement systems to prevent plastic pellet, flake and powder loss.

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Why join?


Strengthen your company’s sustainability performance and initiatives


Contribute to preserving water quality, the environment and local wildlife


Adopt an internationally recognized safety and housekeeping program


Support and enhance your employees’ wellbeing


Improve the operational efficiency at your manufacturing facilities


Avoid reputational damage in the community and safeguard your firm’s bottom line


Strengthen your adherence to the principles of Responsible Care®


Share best practices with and improve the environmental performance of your manufacturing supply chains


1. What is Operation Clean Sweep? Why is GPCA championing this initiative?

Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) began an education effort in the early 1990s to reduce pellet loss by polymer producers, transporters, bulk terminal operators and plastics processors. A number of public service materials under the name of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) were developed and disseminated to companies nationwide. The message was simple: polymer pellets should be contained, reclaimed and/or disposed of properly. It’s now time to refocus our industry on this problem and to expand the OCS initiative to solve it.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) and PLASTICS have worked together on a revitalized OCS program to strengthen efforts to educate and change behavior in the plastics industry with a goal of zero pellet, flake and powder loss. To extend these efforts to the GCC region, GPCA is excited to champion Operation Clean Sweep in the region to showcase its commitment to a clean environment and encourage our members to join global efforts to prevent pellet loss.

2. What is GPCA’s role in OCS?

GPCA will act as the sole owner of the Operation Clean Sweep® trademark in the GCC region, allowing our members to join the program by signing a company or an employee’s pledge. We hereby pledge our commitment to implement the program in the region and invite our members to join us in this exciting journey.

3. Who can sign up for the OCS program?

Every segment of the industry – whether polymer producers, transporters, bulk terminal operators or plastics processors – has a role to play in eliminating polymer pellet, flake and powder loss. The OCS materials are designed to provide maximum utility for all types of plastic handling and transporting operations.

4. What are the OCS guidelines that participating companies should implement?

  1. Commit to making zero pellet, flake and powder loss a priority.
  2. Assess your company’s situation and needs.
  3. Make necessary upgrades in facilities and equipment as appropriate.
  4. Raise employee awareness and create accountability.
  5. Follow up and enforce procedures – when management cares, employees will too.

5. How to take part in OCS as a company and as an employee?

Commitment by everyone in every company, from top management to shop floor employees, is essential to eliminating pellet, flake and powder loss. Pellet, flake and powder containment is good for the environment, and it’s also good for business— such losses represent a source of revenue loss. In many jurisdictions there are separate legal or permit requirements addressing pellet, flake and powder loss.

The OCS pledge is initially signed by a company representative then concerned employees are encouraged to individually sign the OCS employee pledge.

6. How can we become an OCS partner?

Signing up to Operation Clean Sweep® is a simple process. Just go to the GPCA OCS page: https://www.gpca.org.ae/operation-clean-sweep/ sign the company’s pledge listing all facilities and share a copy of your signed document with ocs@gpca.org.ae.

OCS information kit

OCS resin management practices




Download checklists

We have provided a number of checklists to assist you in implementing Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS). The checklists are divided into two categories: management and employee.