Responsible Care® in the Arabian Gulf

Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s unique global initiative that drives continuous improvement in Environment, Health, Safety and Security (EHS&S) performance, together with open and transparent communication among stakeholders. Responsible Care® embraces the development and application of sustainable chemistry, which helps our industry to contribute to sustainable development while allowing us to meet the world’s growing need for essential chemical products.

In the Arabian Gulf region, GPCA ensures the implementation of Responsible Care® by its members, which includes fostering capacity building, sharing of EHS&S information and employing an increasingly rigorous system of Codes of Management Practices, performance indicators and verification procedures.

This dynamic initiative’s outreach spans a vast range of activities, from cooperative performance-based initiatives with government agencies, to local community projects such as the development of wildlife habitats in addition to tailored programs for students and teachers. Responsible Care® helps the chemical industry to report and track progress on critical elements of chemicals management.

Responsible Care® history

Launched in 1985 by the Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association and currently practiced in 58 chemical associations in more than 60 countries around the globe, Responsible Care® is constantly evolving to meet the challenges faced by chemical manufacturers throughout the value chain.

The Responsible Care® Global Charter was issued in 2006 at the UN-led International Conference on Chemicals Management in Dubai and was later revised in 2014 to respond to current stakeholder expectations, opportunities and challenges facing the global chemical industry. CEOs signing the charter commit to actively strengthen Responsible Care® worldwide by dedicating their company, people, technologies and business practices to six key elements outlined in side the charter.

ICCA RCLG Chairman talks about GPCA Responsible Care Journey

Commitment to the Responsible Care initiative begins at the highest level of the organization and reaches across a company’s functional areas to each and every employee

GPCA members committed to Responsible Care®

Code of Management Practice

In the spirit of sharing global best practices, the seven GPCA Codes of Management Practices were derived from the American Chemistry Council (ACC) codes and adapted specifically for the Arabian Gulf region by taskforces comprising of EHS&S practitioners. The codes are dynamic documents that are subject to periodic review. GPCA’s Responsible Care® companies are required to carry out self-assessment against the codes.

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Responsible Care committee

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GPCA Responsible Care® Conference

Responsible Care® Conference is an industry event organized by GPCA that serves as an important platform to showcase best regional learnings across the chemical and petrochemical sector. In each edition, world-class industry leaders gather from all parts of the globe to share best practice and achievements in the areas of environment, health safety & security (EHS&S) across the entire chemical value chain. The conference provides a unique opportunity to network and learn from renowned international and regional industry experts about Responsible Care leadership, EHS&S operational advancements, regulatory collaboration and the industry’s future outlook.

GPCA Responsible Care® Awards

The GPCA Responsible Care® Awards are designed to honor companies and individuals that have demonstrated leadership and outstanding performance in the implementation and execution of the Responsible Care® program. Through this award series, GPCA provides its member companies and other industry stakeholders with an opportunity to showcase their achievements in the field of Responsible Care®, while sharing best practice and adding value to their business.