Dear Members and Visitors,

It gives me immense pleasure to write this message in my capacity as GPCA’s Secretary General. I am privileged to be part of GPCA’s management team and to take part in its quest for greater success in the future.

GPCA is in essence a platform for cooperation, its existence and the success achieved so far is a reflection of its members’ determination to cooperate, which in turn is driven by the fact that in the complex world of the petrochemicals and chemicals industries, no single company can excel in every area. Each of GPCA’s member companies faces its own unique mix of conditions, challenges and opportunities, and that leads to the development of different areas of strength and competence. And by combining these strengths together in a meaningful way and in a sustained manner, great things are possible.

It is my opinion that issues facing our industries, both at present and in the future, are too important for GPCA’s members to tackle in isolation, and the challenges and opportunities that confront our member companies are too large to consider taking them on single-handedly. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, sustained cooperation is the key to a more promising future for our industry: a future in which the chemicals and petrochemicals produced in the Gulf region help millions of people to realize the promise of better standard of living and greater prosperity. With the emergence of the Gulf as the center of gravity for the global petrochemical industry, the decision made by the leadership of the Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals industries to launch GPCA in 2006 was both timely and vital. That year marked the beginning of GPCA’s successful journey, which is evident by the success of its Annual Forums that have become, within a short time-frame, the flagship of petrochemicals and chemicals conferences in the Middle East. GPCA’s successful journey is also reflected in its membership growth which currently stands at over 250. These successes, in part, demonstrate the commitment of GPCA’s leadership and their companies to travelling the path of cooperation: a decision which I believe benefits not only the regional chemicals and petrochemicals businesses, but also the wider global economy.

We, at the GPCA Secretariat, are committed to collaborate with our partners, including fellow global industry associations, to deliver distinguished services and support to our member companies and to our communities. Through our working committees, we are actively endorsing sustainable development practices and initiatives such as Responsible Care.

Best regards,
Dr. Abdulwahab Al-Sadoun