GPCA has not only become the leading voice of the chemical industry in the GCC, but also a trusted and reliable source of all regional chemical industry information through the reports, studies and newsletters it publishes. To date, GPCA has issued over 130 publications available at the e-library on the GPCA website. Members have exclusive access to the most recent and full reports.

Industry insight


Industry-trend reports

GPCA publishes independent reports that provide an in-depth look at the state of innovation and sustainability in the industry or specific industry segments. These reports are aimed at bridging the gap between perception and reality and provide a summary of the discussions on these topics during GPCA conferences.

Statistical reports (Facts and Figures)

GPCA’s annual statistical reports provide up to date information about the industry and various industry segments. The GCC Chemical Industry Facts and Figures report, which is released in
November every year on the occasion of the Annual Forum, contains a collection of data and statistics from member companies and regional and international organizations, providing a comprehensive analysis of the industry’s performance. GPCA also releases indicator reports that cover the fertilizers and plastic industries in the GCC and globally.

Co-branded reports

To provide its members with relevant and timely industry information, GPCA partners with some of the world’s leading consultancies.

Together with these valuable partners, GPCA has published more than 30 co-branded reports, which are distributed at GPCA’s conferences and can also be found at our e-library online.


GPCA publishes its Annual Report each year on the occasion of the GPCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March. The report provides an overview of GPCA’s main activities during the past year and highlights some of its milestones and achievements. Connecting the Gulf is published during the Annual Forum in the form of directory booklet and has recently been transformed into an online platform that includes details of GPCA’s member companies, listing their main contacts and address, in addition to links to their website. The online digital platform also has a product finder feature with product description covering all the products produced in the region to date.

GPCA also publishes two newsletters, the quarterly print publication Insight and the monthly digital Insight Express.

Arabic publications

GPCA is translating on a yearly bases selected reports to Arabic language as part of its role as the voice of the Arabian Gulf chemical industry and its mission to raise awareness about the industry, foster national pride and contribute to the preservation and distribution of Arabic language content.

Post event reports

GPCA’s post event reports provide a high-level summary of GPCA conferences which take place throughout the year, as well as highlight the key insights discussed during the event. The reports are produced in line with the association’s strategic objective to leverage thought leadership opportunities from its networking pillar.