The unprecedented speed and scale of the pandemic brought about a surge in various trends in the year 2021, especially digitalization, which created a host of opportunities for the downstream hydrocarbon industry, and a heightened focus on sustainability. As we walk into the year 2022, we look back on the most read pieces in 2021 which aimed to empower chemical companies build on their unique strengths and capabilities to redesign an industry backed on sustainability and innovation. In this compilation of the ‘Top, most read pieces in 2021’, we present you with the 10 most visited articles on the GPCA website over the last 12 months.

Crude Oil to Chemicals (COTC): A technology update

By Paresh Avinash Kulkarni, Senior Consultant, Chemicals Practice, Frost & Sullivan

Crude oil has conventionally been used to produce transportation fuels like gasoline, diesel, and other fuels. However, recently, the focus has been on more value addition from crude oil using technologies like Crude Oil to Chemicals (COTC)…

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GCC specialty chemicals: Which markets will drive growth?

By Diya Menon, Senior Consultant-Chemicals, Frost & Sullivan and Aparajith Balan, Practice Leader-Chemicals, Frost & Sullivan

The chemical industry was already facing issues related to global overcapacities, lower profit margins and trade restrictions, among others in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the decline in oil prices, resulted in further pressure on the overall sector…

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Seven petrochemical trends to watch this year

By Chuck Venezia, SVP Petrochemicals, Argus

The past year has required all of us in the petrochemical industry to adapt to external disruptive forces: the sharp drop in crude oil prices flattened the ethylene cost curve and led to the re-examination of many planned capital investments…

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2021 GCC chemical industry outlook

GPCA analysis

The Covid-19 pandemic dealt an unprecedented blow to the GCC economy, causing it to contract by 6% in 2020. The economic decline was caused by measures associated with pandemic, national lockdowns, and the collapse in crude oil prices, which turned negative for the first time in history in April 2020…

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